Audio-Engineering & Producing

Recording in the Sound Studio


If you are looking for a cheap studio recording option for your band, or maybe you just want to record your voice over a playback, then the "Music's Cool" studio is the right place for you!

Even for musicians on a budget, excellent recordings can be made here, which you can then use yourself or have me edit.


Take a look at our other recording rooms and find out more for yourself here:

Mixing & Pre-Mastering 

To get the most out of your production I offer my services as a mixing engineer!

In my acoustically optimized environment I work with a top speaker system consisting of:


-Amphion Sub Pair

-Amphion One18 Pair

-Customized Monitor Pair

-Fostex 6301 Pair


Which are fed by a SPL NEOS which reveals every nuance of the mix with its 120Volt technology.

As a converter for monitoring a MYTEK DAC96 is used!

The whole thing has an optimized power supply, among other things, by power balancers from Peter Feldmann, power strips from Audioplan and special power cables from various suppliers for a more open and transparent signal during processing and re-recording.


To get the best out of your recordings I use plugins from



-Universal Audio

-Plugin Alliance



As well as for editing:


-Melodyne Studio

-Izotope RX8


Besides creating the STEMS for the upcoming mastering, they can be bounced digitally, or sent through the SPL NEOS and summed there.


Let your recordings enjoy an analog summing during the final mixdown and give your song more size and punch!


For conversion 2 interfaces from Universal Audio are used. The re-recording of the stereo track is done via a MYTEK ADC.

So you get either the single STEMS summed over the desk, or a STEREO file.


Subsequently, I also like to make a pre-master for you.

In this case, analog outboard equipment can be added which also gives the sound a certain something.

For this I use:


-Dramwer 1973 FET Stereo-Multiband-FET-Compressor

-GoldenAgeProject Comp54 Pair with Carnhill Modification 

A song from 2020  in which I was involved as the producer and arranger. I also did the recording and mixing engineering.

Editing and mixing:

I work closely with the Freiburg band Seven Purple Tigers. Here is the second and third result of my editing and mixing work for these guys! The song Animal Magnetism was mastered by RCP Mastering and One Night's Promises was mastered by Flo Siller Mastering