Vocal Training & Singing Lessons in the area of Jazz, Pop & Rock

In-Person & Online

My greatest passion in music has always been teaching.


I teach functional singing techniques in my lessons, incorporating the view that every form of singing is based on natural function. This includes breathing techniques, muscle and breath support movements, muscle movements of the larynx area, voice leading, visualization when singing, opening and using the resonance spaces, correct sound formation in the vocal tract, as well as teaching vocal techniques of various timbres for areas ranging from jazz to pop to musical, rock, heavy metal and fringe areas of classical music.

The conscious perception and discovery of one's own voice is very important to me. This should sound natural, free, expressive and emotional. I like to convey anatomical knowledge and explain what is going on in the body during the singing of an exercise.

With time, the student is given the opportunity to become more aware of what is happening inside themselves while practicing independently. As a teacher, I whole-heartedly welcome questions from my students like, "how so?”, “how come?” and “why?" and I enjoy having discussions with them about all aspects of singing.

One area I devote much of my attention and own research in singing to is the development of an economical methodology & didactics in the field of guttural singing techniques. For me, this includes the vocal styles of metal such as shouting, growling, and screaming, but also meditative vocal forms such as undertone singing.


During the lessons I accompany my students on the piano, guitar or work with the help of playbacks, depending on the genre.


Whether it's smooth jazz singing, ballad pop/soul vocals, powerful musical belting, high-pitched heavy metal screaming or brutal shouting, I'll help you find and develop your voice.


Interested in lessons? Then you will find here the different teaching models and prices: 

My Vocal Cover from Dream Theater's "Another Day"

Powermetal Vocal-Cover from Helloween's "Dr.Stein"

Cover from The Darkness  "I Believe In A Thing Called Love". A great combo of normal voice, falsetto, head voice and a bit of mixed voice.

Vocal Cover von Metallicas "Enter Sandman"