-What students and customers say-



Inga R./ singer for Blindfall; opener for Limp Bizkit, among others, writes:


Daniel is a really professional vocal coach. I especially like the fact that he masters such a wide range of techniques, especially when it comes to "harder" vocal techniques for metal. 

Since I have been working with Daniel I have experienced real improvement, which has also been confirmed by others. Of course you have to say that nothing comes from nothing and the more you practice for yourself the better the result :). But working regularly with a really good coach is extremely important in my opinion - Daniel knows how to get the best out of you.



Oliver P. / Singer for "Breaking The Sunset"


Before I went to Daniel, I myself already had over 10 years of experience in guttural vocal techniques.

Within these techniques he constantly helps me to create the sound without much effort, to expand my repertoire and to find new possibilities.

In the area of clean vocals, I didn't know where to start at all at that time. Here he put me on a good path to create a foundation and steadily built on it to get better.

All-in-all I can highly recommend lessons with Daniel! Thank you so much for your help so far and for your continued support! :)

Lena M./ Singer for "Captivated":


I have been taking singing lessons with Daniel for almost a year now and I am really satisfied with his lessons. Daniel is not only very nice and humorous, but he can explain a lot of essential basics about voice, singing, screaming and also songwriting and producing, both in theory and in practice, if you are interested. So for any problem or any question, I know I am in good hands with him and his extensive knowledge.

I started lessons with him because I wanted to sing more efficiently and powerfully while expanding my guttural singing. I have learned to develop a new feel for my voice, understand more about it and am just learning to use it more effortlessly and gently. We continue to work on this and I already notice significant progress. In the guttural area I am practicing Fry and False Chords Screaming, which is really fun and insightful with his support.

It was important for me to have the option of digital lessons. So we meet weekly via Zoom, which works wonderfully. I can highly recommend him to anyone who wants to develop vocally.

Tim S./ Musical-Student in Osnabrück writes:


My singing lessons with Daniel not only prepared me for the vocal hurdles of the entrance exams for the musical studies program, they also helped me get to know my voice in a new way. He always challenges and pushes your limits bit by bit; so you get a broader view of your voice and what you can do and accomplish with it!

These lessons gave me the vocal fundamentals that the lessons at the university could perfectly follow up on! Thanks to Daniel's lessons, I can also get more out of my studies. It’s thanks to him that I have made it this far in the first place!

Denis J. / Singer/Songwriter "Denis Motus" writes:


Daniel cannot be described in a few short sentences. Before meeting Daniel, I hadn’t had the pleasure nor privilege of getting to know anyone like him.

Our collaboration started with me coming to him as an inexperienced singer-songwriter and who was still extremely green behind the ears. He quickly knocked me out 😂😋.

He introduced me to the subject and the world of music. What is behind the production of a song, what work is done for a song, and, above all, he supported me in implementing my own ideas. Programs like Logic, Melodyn etc. are as natural to him as breathing.

But that's not the only thing Daniel is good at.

Since the beginning we have been working together on my voice to get to know it better, to control it and to be able to use it perfectly. The input he gives me here is really worth its weight in gold, because it is impossible for a "normal person" to grasp what you can and must really pay attention to. Thus, my voice has improved bit by bit and brought me to my or our common goal.

What makes him stand out here is his mix of "we'll fool around for a while" and his necessary discipline.

When it comes to music, he is a perfectionistic in the most positive sense; which shows me that this is not just a job that he does, but one he puts his heart into.

I highly recommend Daniel from the bottom of my heart because I really appreciate him as a person and now also as a friend.

Romina R. writes:


When I started working with Daniel in February 2020, I had no idea how much would be achievable in such a short time and also solidify in me for the long run.

My experience from previous voice lessons had already shown me that with the right technique a lot of improvement was possible, but I still had the conviction that my voice with its color and register as it is cannot be changed much and the very high notes will simply not be reachable for me, or only in a form that will be unpleasant for listeners.

It was with this attitude that I came to Daniel, with whom I very quickly felt at home with due to his relaxed, open and witty manner, because he always gives me the feeling that he can deal with whatever is bothering and challenging me at the moment and the workable potential I bring.

He has taught me that most limits are only created in your own mind.

Additionally, my vocal performance has improved over the past two years to a degree which I never thought possible.

With an approach that focuses on breathing, posture and mental readiness using simple exercises that you can do on your own at home, Daniel manages to give you a whole new feel for your own voice.

From unnatural, "wrong" habits and tenseness on high notes to a looseness that is possible up to the high registers, I have now reached a point where none of my favorite songs are "too hard" for me.

With regular practice and Daniel as a coach, anything is possible!

Jonas H. / Professional Musician/ singer and multi-instrumentalist for "Danjo" writes:


During my mechanical engineering studies, I quickly realized that my future life would be in music. After I finished my studies, I started making music professionally. To get a foothold in the music world, I started with street music. In Freiburg, I tried to fight the noise of the city center. It was here that my voice finally reached its limits. I realized that singing is more than just hitting the notes.

To preserve my voice, I was now looking for a singing teacher who lives music as much as I do. Then I found what I was looking for on Facebook: Vocal coach, sound engineer, producer, musician and scientist. It sounded convincing to me. In addition, completely new and unexpected perspectives opened up. 

Daniel can not only teach any type of singing, he also really focuses on the details. The singing exercises are adapted to each student. The whole thing is supported by his self-researched expertise, from all areas of music. With the additional option of making recordings in his recording studio, he has his finger on the pulse of today’s musicians.

From vocal coaching to music coaching, I couldn't be more pleased.


Mika H./ Guitarist & Clean Vocals for Doomed Cathedral writes:


I've always liked singing for myself privately, so I wanted to take this on stage along with playing guitar. 

To bring my singing technique a bit up to scratch, I took lessons with Daniel and quickly realized that I didn't really have a clue about singing in terms of breathing.

But that soon changed, as Daniel was able to teach me a lot with his extensive knowledge of the anatomical structure of the singing process. Thanks to his exercises, I quickly understood what was important and was finally able to sing something spontaneously, the way I wanted to. After about 3/4 of a year I had learned a lot and would have liked to continue taking lessons, however this unfortunately was not possible due to a move. 

Whoever is looking for a competent singing teacher for a fair price is in the right place with Daniel. :)