Lesson Models & Prices

Class days:

Lessons take place from Monday to Friday!

In special individual cases it is also possible to arrange appointments at the weekend! In this case double lessons or more can be booked!


The lessons can take place in-person as well as online!


In contrast to normal music schools, the lessons take place on 42 or 21 dates within a school year (instead of 36 or 18)!



Weekly models A60/ A45/ A30

Fixed class time each week plus 6 additional dates within the vacation periods of a school year of Baden-Württemberg. A total of 42 dates in the school year (September to August).


-A60 / 60 minutes weekly lessons: 210,00€/monthly

-A45 / 45 minutes weekly lessons: 166,25€/monthly 

-A30 / 30 minutes weekly lessons: 113,75€/monthly




Bi-weekly models B60/ B45

Fixed class time every 2 weeks plus 3 additional dates within the vacation periods of a school year of Baden-Württemberg. A total of 21 dates in the school year (September to August).


-B60 / 60 minutes lessons every 2 weeks: 105,00€/monthly

-B45 / 45 minutes lessons every 2 weeks: 83,25€/monthly




Individually agreed hours C60/ C45/ C30

Individual agreed lesson. Cancellation must be made no later than 48h before the start of the agreed lesson otherwise the full amount is still payable. 


-C60 60 minutes individually arranged lesson: 67,50€.

-C45 45 minutes individual appointment: 47,50€

-C30 30 minutes individual appointment: 37,50€



Tandem model (small group):

In agreement between teacher and students, the lessons can also take place as a

tandem model (2 students, one teacher).


Tandem lessons are only possible in presence!


The costs for this are as follows:

-Tandem model according to A60: ins. 280€ per month

-tandem model according to A45: ins. 223€ per month

-tandem model according to A30: ins. 152€ per month


-tandem model according to B60: ins. 135€ per month

-tandem model to B45: ins. 111€ per month


-Tandem model to C60: ins. 90,00€ per unit

-Tandem model to C45: ins. 68,50€ per unit

-Tandem model to C30: ins. 50,00€ per unit


You will always receive an invoice that you can use for your records/tax.


You can pay in cash, by bank transfer or also by PayPal!



Trial lesson 45€ - 60 minutes:

Arrange a trial lesson and when you sign a contract for one of the A or B Models, A1, the 45€ will be credited back to you!


In the trial lesson we will take time to get to know each other, exchange ideas, and analyze your voice in order to discuss what I would work on with you to achieve your individual goals.


It is also possible, as I said, to receive lessons online via video conference. 

Tandem lessons on the other hand are only possible in-person!

For online lessons, you would receive a Zoom invitation by e-mail from me.

To take an online lesson, it is recommended to have basic home recording equipment (audio interface plus microphone; USB/podcast microphone). If you have any questions about this, I would be happy to help you!


You can write me a message or contact me by phone with any further questions.

I look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you in my classroom either in-person or online soon!


daniel. priegnitz@gmx.net