Privat Lessons & Coaching

In-Person or Online

Have you always wanted to get professional singing/voice training lessons, especially in a really cool location? Then you've come to the right place - lessons are held in the "Music's Cool" sound studio in the Wiehre!

The classrooms are located in a recording studio, which means we can use the equipment at any time to make recordings as part of our lessons.

If you have questions about recording hardware, editing and mixing, microphones or mixing consoles, I can demonstrate and give you practical advice about them all


Lessons for every Level:

Whether you are a beginner, hobby musician, active or aspiring professional, I will give you the type of lesson you need!

I can also

-prepare you for the entrance examination of a music university (with a focus on singing in the area of jazz, pop & rock)

-teach you music theory, ear training, arranging & songwriting

-help you with various vocal challenges in your singing voice!


Easy to find:

The classroom is located at Silberbachstraße 13 in Freiburg-Wiehre. It can be reached easily with the 2 tram line, heading towards Günterstal. Get off at the "Holbeinstraße" stop. From there you follow the street until you reach the intersection of Silberbachstraße and Holbeinstraße. The "Music's Cool" studio is right there.


Interested but not in Freiburg?

No problem! I also offer lessons online via Zoom, Facetime or Facebook Massenger!

You can still have a great learning environment online when using top-notch equipment that provides great picture and sound quality!

Check out the different offers and arrange a trial lesson!