It is a long way from self-written lyrics with a few chord symbols to a fully produced song with properly arranged instrumentation, the ideal stylistic features, and the right message!

I can help you realize your song ideas and sound concepts and make them sing!

In addition to producing, I can of course also record, edit and mix your work.

If the production, recording and mixing processes are done by me, I always recommend having the whole thing mastered externally!


For mastering, I work together with RCP Mastering from Freiburg!

Info about this studio can be found here:

Here is the video for "Endlose Sicht" by one of my students, Denis Motus. This song was produced, recorded, and mixed by me. It was mastered by RCP Mastering.

This song was released on 11.12.2020 and landed at number 15 in the German "Songpoeten" charts on Spotify at the end of the year!

The Best Sound for your Ideas


Maybe you can relate: your own ideas have already been created with your internal sound library and they give the song its basic structure, however there still seems to be something missing?

Take your production to the next level!

MIDI files are a powerful tool of today's production work!

I can add new sounds to your MIDIs in my studio and make them even more authentic, real and "ready to mix"!


To do so, I have the following at my disposal:

-Hans Zimmer Piano

-Hans Zimmer Drums

-Spitfire Audio Aperture Orchestra 

-Solemn Tones Odin II (Guitar Sampler)

-Solemn Tones Kraken Hybrid Bass 

-Sound Library from Logic Pro X


Even Guitar Pro files can be quickly converted into really good sounding guitar sounds and give you an even better impression of whether your digital production also corresponds to your expectations in real life!


I use the following virtual amps for the Odin II guitar:


-UAD ENGL E765 Retro Tube

-Waves PRS Supermodels 


(The list of libraries and amps I use is continually updated)